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Cub Scout Pack 566
Saratoga,Cupertino, and surrounding areas California

Over 40 Years of Excellence in Scouting

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 566
Boys and Girls, Grades K-5 (566 has older programs through age 21)

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Unfortunately, our Webhosting company, Scoutlander can get overwelmed especially at the end or begging of the school year.
Normally, our website can be found at pack566.org or join566.org

Pack 566 Overnight Trips Page

As Covid wains we will offer overnight camping trips in the outdoors. This is true in June of 2022 and we hope Covid will allow us do do another in Oct of 2022

How does an overnight trip work?

Overnight trips are optional fun activities. At least one parent attends with their cub scout. Depending on the overnight trip, siblings may be allowed to go. Trained adult leadership must also attend to provide safety for the entire group.

Pack 566 Pre Covid weekend camping trips

Usually, each Fall and Spring, Pack 566 offers a family camping trip. For these trips, the planning is done by the Pack Committee so Cubs and parents can come and enjoy the trip without the stress or worry of setting up the trip logistics. However, we do have the Cubs participate in meal prep and cooking as part of the experience. There is a charge per person for overnight trips to the expenses incurred. The Pack will supply the food and group equipment. We help with camping gear and knowledge. You and your child will learn to cook Boy Scout Troop 566 style and they eat really well. Day activities and evening campfire program are provided. Trips are close to home but definitely in the forest.

Pack 566 USS Hornet Air Craft Carrier Overnight Trip

The USS Hornet is a retired United States air craft carrier. It is docked in Alameda (near Oakland). The general public is allowed to tour during the day. But Cub Scouts can extend their stay overnight and get access to parts of the ship that the general public cannot. We sleep in the same bunks used by the crew and eat in their mess hall. At night there are ghost stories in the bow of the ship with the groans and moans coming from the anchor chain. This trip is really popular with the Dads. Hope you like the color gray.

Pack 566 USS Pampinito Submarine Overnight Trip

The USS Pampanito is a World War II Balao class diesel submarine. It is moored in San Francisco. The general public is allowed to tour during the day but cub scouts and their parent(s) get a personal tour at night and sleep over in the actual crew bunks. We often get to watch a submarine movie in the torpedo room of the sub before bedtime. This trip is also very popular with the Dads. Oh the smell of 90 weight oil...

Pack 566 Lighthouse and Beach Youth Hostel Trip

Youth hostels are inexpensive hotels where the guests are also the unpaid staff. There is a hostel located at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse on Highway One just north of Santa Cruz. This is one of the top rated hostels in the entire world. Explore the beach, tide pools, hiking trails. You might even see an elephant seal or gray whale depending on the time of year.

Council Family Camps

Our local Scout Council offers Individual and Family Events and Overnights just 12 miles from downtown Saratoga. Several surrounding BSA Scout Councils provide Cub Scout 2-3 day family camps. The ones we have been going to are at Camp Chawanakee (Fresno), Camp Wente (Willits), and Camp Hi Sierra (Sonora). Tents and food are provided as well as a fun filled agenda of activities. These include crafts, archery, BB gun shootings, swimming, hiking, kayaks, row boats, camp fires, and more.

Other Overnight Trip

Roaring Camp Railroad
Bonfante Gardens.