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Cub Scout Pack 566
Saratoga, Cupertino, and surrounding areas California

Over 40 Years of Excellence in Scouting

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 566
Boys and Girls, Grades K-5 (566 has older programs through age 21)

This is our backup website.

Unfortunately, our Webhosting company, Scoutlander gets overwelmed at times especially at the end or beggining of the school year.
Normally, our website can be found at pack566.org or join566.org

Pack 566 About Page

The Pack flyer explains our program in detail:

First, some Cub Scout Vocabulary!

"A Lion" is a kindergarten aged cub scout.
"A Tiger" is a first grade aged cub scout.
"A Wolf" is a second grade aged cub scout.
"A Bear" is a third grade aged cub scout
"A Webelos" is a a 4th or 5th grade aged cub scout.
"The Den" is a group of 4 to 8 boys and girls all of the same grade level. There may be more than one den per grade level.
"The Pack" is all the dens together with their families.
"An adult partner" is a parent of a Lion or Tiger cub scout who participates with their son in the program.
"A Den Guide" is an experience leader who is available to advise the den.
"The Cubmaster" is the adult in charge of the Pack.
"The Den Leader" is an adult in charge of a particular Den.
"The Den Chief" is an older Boy Scout (age 11-18) who comes back to Cub Scouting to assist a Den.
"The Denner" is a Cub Scout who helps lead his own den.
"The Committee" is a group of parents who help make policy for the Pack.
"Zero" is the quantity of paid leadership in our Pack. We lead because we see the value of the program.

About the Cubmaster

Manasa Laksmikanthan is the Cubmaster. She has one cub in the Pack and another who graduated from the Pack 566 to Troop 566 (age 11-18).

About the Assistant Cubmasters

Mike & Teresa Lorenzen are the current Assistant Cubmasters. Their three sons were in Pack 566 from 1996 through 2006 and all became Eagle Scouts in Troop 566. Mike was a den leader in the pack, a strong partipant, and also assitant Scoutmaster for 2 years, then served for over a dozen years as Scoutmaster of Troop 566. Teresa was Cubmaster of Pack 566 for 10 years and was a strong contributor to Troop 566. As their sons are now grown and too old for Scouting, they have come back to Cub Scouts to share the fun with the next generation. Together they bring 25+ years of adult experience and knowledge of the 566 Units (Pack, Troop,and Crew).

What kind of Technology does the Pack use?

We use WhatsApp (2nd most popular APP in the world) for primary communications.
We have a public website (See Pack566.org "public site" link).
We have a password protected private website where rosters, meeting information, and much more specific Pack information is made accessible to Pack families.
We use PackMaster, the top of the line Pack Management software, to track members, awards, rank earned, and all the related needs (still beter than Scoutbook).
We also use good, old fashioned technology, namely access to the experience of the previous four Cubmasters covering the last 25 years.

How do we make the group safe?

Background checks have been completed by the National Boy Scout Organization on all registered adult leaders. All meetings will have 2 registered leaders present. Leaders must complete training and periodic re-trainings in youth protection. Top leadership takes aditional training in weather, first aid, camping, and more. California now also requires are volunetters to take 2 hours of California Training, get fingerprinted and the states also performs their own backgrouind check.
We ask each of our attending parents to take a free, on-line, 76 minute training on youth protection to keep our kids safe. Our parent committee reviews policy and procedures. We subscribe to the national insurance offered by the Boy Scouts. We have the strictest Covid19 pratices in the area.