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Cub Scout Pack 566
Saratoga,Cupertino, and surrounding areas California

Over 40 Years of Excellence in Scouting

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 566
Boys and Girls, Grades K-5 (566 has older programs through age 21)

This is our backup website.
Unfortunately, our Webhosting company, Scoutlander has issues as of 8/14/21.
Normally, our website can be found at pack566.org or join566.org

Pack 566 Den Meeting Page

Den Meetings are a gathering of same aged cub scouts

For our Grade K to 5 (Lions, Tigers, Wolfs, Bears and Webeloes One and Twos Cubs:

A Den Meeting is a gathering of same aged Cubs. When a Den gets to be 8-12 members it may be split into two dens of the same year with separate den meetings. Typically, at least one parent of each Cub attends the meeting which runs about an hour or so with some special events lasting longer. There are generally 2 den meetings per month during the school year. Pack 566 Covid protocol requires all meetings to be held outside. We will try to work in some tours as Covid guidelines allow and parents feel comfortable. These tours may include a field trip to a local destination such as the fire station, sheriff's office, musuem, nature trail, or other locale of interest.

What is the format of a Den Meeting?

Pre-Gathering task
Opening flag ceremony.
Main activities
Post-Gathering task

What are some examples of the Main Activity of a Den Meetings?

Working on one or more activities provided by the Scout books unique to each year.
These are skills, games, sports, crafts, citizenship, community service, and more.

Here are some historical pre-covid pictures

We learn stuff at Den meetings.

Here the Den was learning about car maintenance.